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Tree Services

Tree Removal

Tony and the team have the skills and experience to safely remove any tree. For Dargue Tree Felling no tree is too big or too small when it comes to tree removal. Tree removals can be anything from a small shrub, to a tall Mountain Ash. There are times where a problem tree can't be saved by trimming and pruning, when a tree needs to be removed you want it done professionally and safely.

Our tree surgeouns have the expertise to carry out tree removals in confined spaces, over sheds or houses. All trees can be mulched and cut into firewood upon request.

Tree Felling
Tree removal near building

Confined space tree removals

Tree Removals

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning can be an alternative to completely removing the tree. Pruning can include removing whole limbs or simply re-shaping the way the tree grows. By pruning the tree you help to maintain the tree's health and ensure that it is structurally sound. Some of the benefits of pruning are you prolong the life of the tree, encourage new growth and by removing dead or damaged branches you remove the threat of damage to people and property.

We are experts in tree pruning and carried out pruning work on the Heritage Listed Ada Tree, considered to be one of Victoria's largetst living trees and estimated to be over 300 years old. Have your trees expertly pruned, give us a call today.

Pruning the Ada Tree 2011
Looking down from the Ada Tree

Pruning the Ada Tree - 2011 (Removal of dead-wood, Mistletoe and general maintenance of the Heritage listed tree)

Rigging Rope Control

When pruning and removing trees safety is our top priority. Safety rigging and ropes enable us to control the decent of removed limbs. View the videos below to see an example of how we do it.

Mulching & Stump Grinding

When removing a tree from your property it is better to remove the stump as well. When leaving a stump behind it can attract pests and develop fungus. The rotting wood can breed termites and other insects.

It is better to remove the stump completely with a stump grinding machine, we have the skills and machinery available to carry out Mulching (Chipping) and Stump Grinding on all jobs. Call us for a quote.

Stump Grinding

Fire Prevention

Now is the time to make your property fire ready. By removing limbs and undergrowth close to buildings and other assets you can reduce the fuel load and help protect your property from bush fires. Tony and the team can clear up your block and remove any unsafe trees, limbs and undergrowth making sure your property is ready before the fire season hits giving you peace of mind. Don't leave your fire preperations to the last minute, book a quote now.

Tree Removal

Block Clearing & Plantation Logging

Dargue Tree Felling provide block clearing services for commercial and residential projects. Before you start building or landscaping chances are you will need to remove some trees or get rid of some old stumps. We have the skills and equipment needed so give us a call today.

We provide cost effective plantation logging for all plantation types including rehabilitation services.

Plantation Logging
Block Clearing

Bracing & Cabling

Sometimes a tree may hold historical or asthetic value and you don't want to remove or prune it. In these situations supporting the limbs with steel cabling may be an option. By installing the cabling system it can support limbs and branches that over hang houses and sheds. All work is carried out by experienced staff to Australian Standards.

Dargue Tree Felling

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About Us

Based Yarra Junction, in the heart of the Yarra Valley,Victoria, Dargue Tree Felling is a family owned and run business, with over 30 years experience. We strive to provide a friendly, but professional service in all aspects of tree care throughout the Yarra Valley, including Yarra Junction, Seville, Healesville, Woori Yallock, Yarra Glen, Warburton, Dandenong Ranges and surrounding areas.

With all the correct gear and operating under Australian Standards and fully insured, Dargue Tree Felling can assist you with all your tree needs.

Tree Removal